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Allen Welsh Dulles' Appointment to the Warren Commission
It's appalling. I shutter to think what else our "kind, gentle society" has kept from us. The assassination of a president is no little occurrence to be hidden and then swept under the rug. It's been quite long enough, too long, as a matter of fact, to have our intelligence be insulted in this manner. Our leaders, if you can call them that, need "to 'fess up"!
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What do you think we'll find out?
If anything is to be revealed, it'll probably be a different slant on the Oswald connected type of approach. If not the "Lone Gunman", then, an integral part of the plot and execution thereof, with somebody else involved, maybe even a shooter from the front or side. I think, still, that the CIA will be totally left out of it, again!
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Peter Dale Scott: Ask the 2016 candidates to make this JFK pledge
I think any of the candidates will take pause to take any responsibility for opening up a can of worms such as this. None of them will want to bring any scrutiny upon a subject which is viewed as "touchy" in political circles, Democrat or Republican. They may want to continue handling it as a non-issue, just like it's been dealt with all these decades. It's best, they may determine, to let it take its own course of action and hopefully, finally, it will "go away". It's political dynamite.
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What About Robert Kennedy?
I think that, if he had lived, Robert Kennedy would have been a great president. Of course, no one can truly know, but by what I read about his no nonsense approach to leadership and his fearlessness in taking on those who would bully others into submission, he was what was needed in a president to get things done for the American People. I get the impression that he truly cared about what was best for our country.
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