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Ethics Question of the Day
This is a tough ethics question, Katie. Boy, you come up with some good stuff! Anyway, I would like to think that I would inform the seller at the sale, but my American Capitalist streak would scream, "Man, what a steal! There are bucks to be made here!" Each of US has to search his or her soul to come up with a viable answer, eh? 
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Did JFK have a psychopathic tendencies?
I have never heard about this nor thought about it, Katie, but it does sound logical. I have heard over the years that there is a thin line separating insanity from genius, so, this may fall along the same lines, I guess. Thinking about JFK's father, Papa Joe, enables me to realize that this may be a strong possibility, seeing that "the apple does not fall far from the tree". Hmmm, food for thought.
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Donald Trump's Interim Moves
What do you folks think of some of Donald Trump's interim moves before his Inauguration? Moves, such as his choices for cabinet posts, or his actions with private businesses, or his still tweeting his comments on current affairs, or his "Thank You Tours" to various states, or his meetings with anti-Trump people like Mitt Romney and Al Gore, or his refusing to have a steady Press Corps following him like other Presidents-Elect have done, etc. Is Donald Trump losing his marbles, or is this his strategy for shaking things up? Your thoughts, please.
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Yes or No?
I use to Admin. But now, as I am getting older and older, I feel that the day of my demise is in the hands of Our Lord. I felt that, when I was young, I would enjoy the knowledge so that I could amply plan my life around it, seeing this as some sort of an advantage. But, alas, as is said, "The best laid plans...." does not give us any insight into how things will actually occur, and we all are at the mercy of our own inadequacies. I am just going to enjoy what life I have left, and hope that it is relatively healthy, assured in the fact that, I did my best. I hope that You feel the same way about me, Lord! 
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Mitt Romney or Rudi Giuliani for Secretary of State
I cannot believe that President Elect Trump would even consider Mitt Romney to be Secretary of State, kudos to him for his open mindedness, after being totally dissed by Mr. Romney during the Campaign. However, Mr. Romney is in the running, along with, some hope, Rudi Giuliani. Who do you think is the better choice, and why?
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Very astute photographic handiwork, Admin! It amazes me how you brought back these factual images from History that totally knock the "Warren Commissioners" on Their Rears! Great work! And, oh, Today marks the fifty-third anniversary of that fatal day in Dallas. Rest in Peace JFK.

*Rest in Peace indeed. Good to see you, Old Timer, Thank You! appreciate the visit today. Should our electronic paths not cross again through the holiday season, all the best to you & yours. 

It's clear Mr. Oswald was nowhere near 10th & Patton, where the slain officer, J.D. Tippett (RIP) met his demise, because the camera lens above records his reflection off the multiple glass entrance at 12:48PM looking back at the people behind him as he enters the front of the multiple glass entrance, instead of making a hasty getaway 15 minutes prior as we have been told...   

In fact, it took nearly twelve (12) hours later that same day before he knew he was even remotely connected to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Here have a look/listen at his midnight presser --->

https:// http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctOxFxGfQKE

An innocent man was framed for something he did not do. Where's the justice in that?

All of his in depth interrogations were void of both audio and/or video recording. Why?

All of the "evidence" brought against him is contrived by others, who claim he did this or that; or said this, or said that, etc after he was unable to defend himself...it's amazing what some people will do for thirty pieces of silver.

At any instance where the general public is actually privy to any brief audio & video of the wrongly accused, he constantly repeats himself over and over again, always stating for the record the obvious (his innocence) --->

https:// http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6rKt4xovdw&feature=youtu.be&a

claiming his innocence w/good reason ----->
*still of Photographer Dave Weigman's unidentified figure standing out front
atop the entrance stairs before, during and after the shooting @ JFK. 

and the same still image amid ongoing enhancement ---->     151198390140545.gif                                                 
He's standing out in front of his place of work before, during and after the presidential limousine bearing President John F. Kennedy passes by...  

Let's continue w/An open examination of the only male figure unaccounted for in Warren Commission Exhibit 1381, and why his presence is essential to establishing the truth in the JFK Assassination ---->
                                      August 28
    150852191196567 (1).gif 
     *AF 48 enhancement

Photo Credit: Mr. Weigman (Dave), a cameraman in one of the follow up cars in the presidential motorcade.

The gentle man under ongoing enhancement is standing in the shadows/upper left hand corner atop the entrance there...nowhere near a staged sniper's nest with planted "evidence" six stories up used to help FRAME him. Doorway Man-Billy Nolan Lovelady stands off to the left of the wrongly accused.

 Ace card JFK researcher Sean Murphy's Prayer Man with the plain simple truth ----->

https:// http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6rKt4xovdw

Cropping the same image (seconds later in sequence)--to place sole focus upon the gentleman NOT identified in CE 1381, here he is amid ongoing enhancement ---->


zooming in below on just his face as he stands outside on the entrance steps nowhere near the contrived 6th floor, we know this particular individual wasn't identified by those charged with "investigating" President Kennedy's assassination (As IF the foxes in the hen house would actually "investigate" themselves) They purposely left this individual's genuine whereabouts out of their "investigation" on purpose...creating a false narrative instead...

                                                              151138059234649 (4).gif      151190017720099.gif    
                                                            YOU may have an idea why, Don't you?   
                                                                   Lee Harvey Oswald was Framed. 

 It's Him...                                                           151310730658186.gif 




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Trump Tower
Mr. Trump could use Trump Tower as a kind of Camp David, meeting with World Leaders away from the mire of the Washington Beltway. I think the Tower itself may pose a more formidable obstacle to would be assassins, just look at how many times the White House Grounds have been breached during the Obama Administration. 
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Integrity, to me, means an all out purposefulness, if that is a word, to see to it that you live as the person you are no matter what the pressure nor the hardship imposed by others in order to conform. Cases in point are the Courageous Individuals who defied Tyrants throughout History, being threatened with death or who were actually killed for Their Beliefs. We need more of these Stouthearted Souls.
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Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs!
Quite interesting, Archie. Do you think there is any significance to these occurrences? I felt the eeriness of the Cubs and The Donald winning also! And, the super moon is definitely another factor, as well. Does anyone else have any input about these phenomena? 
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Who is Your Favorite Author?
Thousands of books are published around the world yearly. Down through the centuries, certain names stand out above the rest in literary genius or reading popularity. My two favorite authors of all time are Ernest Hemingway and Henry David Thoreau, two literary giants. Who are your favorites?
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What is Man's Highest Aim?
Down through the annals of Mankind's existence, We have been drawn toward a Higher Purpose for Our Reason for Being. Some would say that Our Purpose is to find true love, others might venture to form a bond as One with Nature. I think that knowing One's Self is of the Ultimate End for such. What say you?
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Your Take on Cruises
My wife and I have taken many cruises to the Caribbean. The big ships have a lot to offer those who crave the open sea to view the moon and stars at midnight either from their balcony cabin or on deck. The food is fabulous, the entertainment delightful. Are there any cruise fans out there?
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First Trip to Europe
Recently, my sons rewarded my wife and myself to an all expenses trip to Italy. Needless to say, it was a delightful fun filled two week pleasure journey. Does anyone have any stories to tell of a vacation to Europe?
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What else is out there?
I truly feel that in the immense expanses of Outer Space there are many different kinds of life forms that We as a species have not the faintest idea of how they function nor what They perceive as intelligent existence. Also, there may be life forms that correspond to Our rationalizations of what it means to be alive. Either Forms could stumble upon each other or wind up never knowing the others' presence. Fate will decide the outcome.
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Your gut feeling
It would be a very sad testimonial to the fact that it is We, the American People Who are truly "The Nation of Sheep" and not the People of World War II Germany if Hillary Clinton is elected POTUS. Whatever happened to my Generation, the Baby Boomers, the supposed "Bastions of Free Thinking", huh? What a joke We are! "Sheeple" of the highest order, following her like a lost puppy. Are We that desperate that We elect such a self-centered (obvious), corrupt and totally traitorous individual who repeatedly slips from the Fingers of Justice? If We are, then We deserve four more years of the failed Policies and Practices of the Obama Administration. Mr. Trump may not be pretty, nor well versed in political rhetoric, but he represents the "Change" that We need as a Nation. Hold on Folks as We slip into the Abyss of History! This Election is Our last chance! Vote Trump!   
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Left Behind series
This series sounds very interesting, Siggy. I am enthralled about the Rapture and the Life and Times of Jesus Christ. Are these "mini books" that are a part of a larger volume? Can this set be purchased on Amazon, let us say? Tell us more, please! 
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Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs!
What a thriller the seventh game of the World Series was between the Cubs and the Indians! It has been 108 years since the Cubs have won! The Indians also deserve much credit for their tremendous performance during the Series, it could have gone either way. Chicago Cubs fans should be proud!
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Your gut feeling
Foreign Governments should be very concerned for Their Interests, especially when Donald Trump is in the running. I think Mr. Trump's promise of getting these "Deadbeats" to share some of the cost for Their Military Defense is spot on! The United States has been footing the bills for decades, even now when the Dems have depleted Our Fighting Forces to Our disadvantage! Why should We keep paying for the whole enchilada? We have saved Their Butts twice!, it is high time that They contributed a little.  
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Your gut feeling
Of course, my gut, once again, has received a new nourishment. Please read this article about a professor who has a surprise!


This Election is indeed unusual in that it has so many twists and turns it is even flabbergasting the MSM, and it seems that it is Their job to mislead and deceive the People!
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Your gut feeling
To take what you have stated, Admin, pertaining to the cigarette ad, "You've come a long way baby...", Hillary Clinton would indeed be as "Dangerous to Our Health" as the cigarette smoking is to the American People, maybe even more so. I would rather have a Donald Trump Administration, but feel that Mrs. Clinton will indeed renew Mr. Obama's "lease" with "The same old, same old", tired, ineffective and weak Execution of Duties, and will win the Election. God Help Us!  
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Killing Reagan
Yes, I did, LadyJ. I thought that it was great, too! To think, that Assassination attempt was some thirty-five years ago! I remember it like it was yesterday! One wonders what this country would be like now if President Reagan had succumbed? I think, if not already, historians will rank him among Our Greatest Presidents. Now, We need to choose a president who can emulate President Reagan's accomplishments to lead Us back onto the road of stability and prosperity once again.   
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Anatomy Of A Second Floor Lunch Room Encounter
Great podcast, Barto! I had to come back to it several times to listen to entirely, however, it was quite lengthy. It was comprehensive and brought to mind the pros and cons of whether the scene was fabricated or actual. It is hard to believe that Mr. Oswald would have made it to the second floor from the sixth in that short of a period of time as proposed by Officer Baker and Mr. Truly without showing some signs of exertion though. 
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Henry David Thoreau
Also, Elon, I believe that Mr. Thoreau expressed a deep degree of rebellion against the status quo. He did not agree with the "hustle and bustle" of the Nineteenth Century bent toward Commercialism and Wealth Acquisition. He was at odds with his contemporary Ralph Waldo Emerson who seemed to like the Life of Luxury. Mr. Thoreau had no regard for the importance of Time dictating anything in his life. 
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Anatomy Of A Second Floor Lunch Room Encounter
I just thought of something, Admin. Let us just say that, hypothetically, of course, LHO did make it down to the second floor lunchroom area from the sixth floor opposite side of the building, how did he do so without "huffing and puffing" from the speedy flight down four flights of stairs? If he took the elevator instead, why was it still up on the upper floor, according to Officer Baker and Mr. Truly? Was LHO a phantom, or Superman? Any thoughts?
*Another sharp observation on your part, OldTimer [idea]... of course, the self-serving narrative of the Warren Omission purposely avoided your line of astute questioning/reasoning. The fix was in, officialdom had their man and because dead men tell no tales, they would simply craft the script anyway they wished with him now unable to speak. Baker and Truly went along with the contrived script rather than face the wrath of the real culprits, who simply made them an offer they couldn't refuse. Play ball or else...

Good to see you, OldTimer, enjoy the rest of your weekend sir [smile]

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The End Times
I do not know about the "End Times", as such, but the way things are happening these days it sure corresponds to what the Bible has mentioned. A couple of points in particular running parallels are about each person having his or her own "number" or "mark", I think, as I recall. This may correlate to having a "credit score" or using a fingerprint for identification when accessing a bank account, etc., as examples. And, the building of a "World Government", sure sounds like "Globalization" to me. I am sure there are other "for instances" that I cannot think of at this time. 
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