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Richard Bernabei
The first discoverer of Prayer Man.

Admin can you change the header to Bernabei plz.


*Duly noted, Mr. K, enjoy your day M8, Cheers! to you & your continued exemplary research.
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Anatomy Of A Second Floor Lunch Room Encounter
Thanks Alan, I was completely surprised by this, thought they were having me on at first.

*Oh, the oh, so humble gentlemen you are, Mr. K [smile], reminds me of a memorable moment in Major League Baseball lore, when a similar class act was summoned by his manager to pinch hit for the next batter...suffice it to say, you both came through in grand fashion when it mattered the most. Talk about Excalibur moments. Keep it going M8, Cheers!

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Anatomy Of A Second Floor Lunch Room Encounter
I have been given the Mary Ferrell New Frontier Award 2016 at the JFK Lancer Conference for my Anatomy essay. The Award is for new research in respect to my work on further exploring the official story of the Oswald encounter.  The Frontier awards are intended to recognise and honour new research in a variety of fields. This year Bill Simpich, Malcolm Blunt and a few others received the awards along with me.

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Anatomy Of A Second Floor Lunch Room Encounter
Thanks oldtimer, the timing has been questioned almost from day one. But the newspaper stories / statements from various DPD and TSBD peeps and the records of Oswald's interrogations clearly indicate that he was on the 1st floor just before, during and after the assassination.

The podcast was our third try, the first one was 2 hrs 40 mins long. The second one was battered due to tech difficulties. And we also had to cancel twice as well. It took like 5/6 weeks to get our schedules to match and get it done.

I have started to work on the presentation but it is going slow, I hope to have it finished in one month. My guess is it will be 90 mins long. 
Also I have started to work on my next paper on Oswald's interrogation which I hope to finsih early 2017.

Thanks for listening/watching.
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Anatomy Of A Second Floor Lunch Room Encounter
3350 listens, that is like 1,400 more than the no. 2 position..............wow.

Thanks to everyone for listening!
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Anatomy Of A Second Floor Lunch Room Encounter
No. 1 podcast with more than 2,500 listens!
600 clear of the no. 2 podcast!
Simply amazing.
Thanks to all!
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Anatomy Of A Second Floor Lunch Room Encounter
There is now a downloadable PDF available thanks to the efforts of Bernard Wilde of DPUK. With a new addition regarding Roy Truly.on page 14 if you have gone through the piece already.
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Anatomy Of A Second Floor Lunch Room Encounter
I have added some more on Geneva Hine, who stated that she was alone in the office from 12:25 until 12:35 (!) as per her Nov 23rd FBI statement,and that she did not see Oswald that day even though she would see him almost every day.
Are there actually any more nails left to close the lid on this second floor lunch room encounter?
I think not.

*Duly noted, Mr. K, thanks for sharing your timely update M8, Cheers!
Doing what his exemplary research does best, debunking the fairytale...hear!, hear! ---> http://www.prayer-man.com/anatomy-of-the-second-floor-lunch-room-encounter/ no more lies...

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Anatomy Of A Second Floor Lunch Room Encounter
Hi Chara,

thanks for your feedback.
No I do not think Baker was 'in' on it,  nor do I think Truly was 'in' on it.
They just did their duty and they were conservative Texan patriots.

The second they found out Oz was a commie b*stard he was dead meat.
That's thanks to Hoover/Hosty/Shanklin
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Anatomy Of A Second Floor Lunch Room Encounter
Thanks m8, more to come!

*Welcome! After five decades of outright, stale lies, keep the refreshing truth coming, M8, Cheers! [smile]
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Last batch for now


HSCA report Robert Morrow.
HSCA interview Robert J Jamison.
HSCA Documents Buddy Walthers.
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William James Lowery HSCA testimony.

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Thanks for the kind words!


Scott Malone / Amos Euins / Pierce Allman



Joe Molina HSCA testimony 


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Once we find something of interest from NARA then I shall post it in here


Shelley, Garcia and Baker/Truly docs.

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Oswald and Lovelady were standing one step down from the landing.

I need to make a correction here, Fratini's collage doesn't add up.

The horizontal lines are digital artefacts as the lines are also on the left which is the wall.

Then the radiator is not it, it's the hair and coat of the lady whose foot is visible a few steps below.

My apologies.


Be that as it may, while looking at the position of the strip and the coppers on the landing in the Allen shots I am still of the opinion that Prayer Man was standing one step down, the pix above and the Lovelady position are until a better scan arrives enough that Oswald is still the prime candidate and that Doyle's non existent evidence is a complete waste of time.

*A waste of time indeed @ crafty distractions. Appreciate the clarification @ Frantini's collage, so indicative of your honesty and high standards. That lady, a few steps down, cinches it for me. If her head is already located in Mr. Oswald's mid-section that would mean she would have to be 7'7" tall to reach that point IF he indeed was atop the landing. Again, well done, Mr. K, hopefully your exemplary research team over at RoKC are taking notes, because I cannot wait for you guys to prepare & present a presentation to share with the rest of us moving forward. Good to see you M8. Best...

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Oswald and Lovelady were standing one step down from the landing.
Check the reflective strip on the glass door, its height and in conjunction with people standing on the landing! Pix by William Allen from Robin Unger's gallery.
Willis8, enhanced and cropped by BK
Collage by Tony Fratini.

The strip reaches Oswald's elbow...............

Doyle's and Gilbride's BS is dead in the water.

No woman
No stranger
No alternative for him other than Lee Oswald.
"Out With Bill Shelley In Front"

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