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Favorite Book Genres
I love fantasy (as in LOTR, a Song of Ice and Fire ect), but i also love some good mystery like 'labyrinth' by Kate Moss (a real pageturner that one)
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Who is Your Favorite Author?
Ernest Hemmingway, Paulo Coelho, George R.R. Martin, Tolkien, to name a few
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Your gut feeling

"It's crazy, isn't it? All of the corruption and lies and people remain devoted to her like she's squeaky clean. I'm really afraid to see what a country run by her is going to look like."


Stockholm syndrome maybe? [confused] 

TBH I do not think there is a lesser of 2 evils in this case..

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Colin Kaepernick not Standing for National Anthem

This is getting a little out of hand.. In my country, with every arrest, or traffic control, they take out their phones, start filming, and yell "ethnic profiling", come on, seriously?

I am all for equality, but this is really getting out of hand

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My country does ok as well.. considering it's size [biggrin]
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Robert F. Kennedy and the girl in the polka-dot dress
You know it does @admin, i told you [wink] 
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Robert F. Kennedy and the girl in the polka-dot dress
The girl in the polka-dot dress was Sirhan's trigger..
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Thane Eugene Cesar Killed RFK
It is always the lone wolves
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'There definitely was another shooter': RFK assassination witness says FBI covered up fact there was a SECOND gunman'
Sirhan Sirhan was not only gunman, claims eyewitness Nina Rhodes-Hughes 

.'Heard 12 to 14 shots, more than the eight he could have fired from his gun' 

.FBI altered her account, and never called her to testify during trial 

.Sirhan contesting his shots killed Kennedy and now calling for review 

.Robert F Kennedy killed in Los Angeles Ambassador Hotel on June 5, 1968 

Robert F Kennedy was shot dead by two gunmen and not just 'lone wolf' Sirhan Sirhan, a witness stood just metres away from the presidential candidate in a Los Angeles hotel has claimed. Nina Rhodes-Hughes, of Vancouver, Canada, is convinced Sirhan - sentenced to life imprisonment after the killing - was the not the only man firing shots that fateful 1968 day. She told CNN: 'What has to come out is that there was another shooter to my right. The truth has got to be told. No more cover-ups.' 

scroll down for video.. 


Claims: Nina Rhodes-Hughes (left), pictured with Robert F Kennedy (centre), has said the presidential candidate was hit by two shooters 


Aftermath: Robert F Kennedy in the moments after he was shot in the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles 

Rhodes-Hughes, now 78, claimed she had told FBI investigators she heard much more than eight shots, which was the maximum Sirhan could have fired with his small-caliber handgun. The former television actress, who was working as a volunteer fundraiser for Kennedy's campaign at the time, also said some of the '12 to 14' shots came from a different location to where the convicted murderer was standing. But the 'official reporting' of the incident has left her frustrated after it was changed by the FBI, she claimed, to say that she only heard eight shots. 

She added: 'For me it's hopeful and sad that it's only coming out now instead of before - but at least now instead of never. 'I never said eight shots. I never, never said it. There were more than eight shots. There were at least 12, maybe 14. And I know there were because I heard the rhythm in my head. 'When they say only eight shots, the anger within me is so great that I practically - I get very emotional because it is so untrue. It is so untrue. 


Tragic: Robert F Kennedy's casket arrives at St Patricks Cathedral, New York, for his funeral 

She said she ran out of the pantry, where the shooting took place, yelling: 'They've killed him! They've killed him! Oh, my God, he's dead! They've killed him!.' 'Now, the reason I said, 'they' is because I knew there was more than one shooter involved. Although it was 44 years ago, I will swear that this is exactly what happened. 

'I remember it like it was almost yesterday, because you don't forget something like that when it totally changes your life forever. 'It took a great toll on me. For a while, even the backfiring of a car would send me into tears.' 

Sirhan Sirhan, now 68, is currently serving a life sentence at Pleasant Valley State Prison in Coalinga, California. 

[article-2137188-0D7212C2000005DC-535_306x423]He was the only person arrested, tried and convicted for the murder, and never contested the case, during his 1969 trial, that he was the only gunman. 

Initially handed the death sentence, it was reduced to a life sentence in 1972. 

But he is now trying to engineer his release on the grounds that he was not the only gunman and that it was not him that killed Kennedy. 

He is now awaiting a U.S. District Court ruling which could see him released, re-tried or granted a hearing.

The hearing would take place on the production of new evidence - including Rhodes-Hughes' eyewitness account. 

His lawyer William Pepper called the alleged FBI alteration of her story 'deplorable' and 'criminal' and said it 'mirrors the experience of other witnesses'. 

Other witnesses have also mentioned hearing more than eight shots, but these have only been detailed in Los Angeles Police Department summaries and not FBI reports. These included Estelyn Duffy LaHive, who thought she heard 10 shots, and Booker Griffin who said there was 'two quick shots, followed by a slight pause, and then another 10 to 12 additional shots'.


A recently uncovered tape recording at the Ambassador Hotel's pantry by freelance journalist Stanislaw Pruszynski also suggests there were 13 shots on June 5. Analysis has revealed five of the shots could have been fired from another direction to where Sirhan's weapon was positioned. Kennedy's autopsy report also revealed his body and clothing were struck from behind, at right rear, by four bullets fired at upward angles and at point-blank range. But witnesses said Sirhan fired somewhat downward, almost horizontally, from several feet in front. Rhodes-Hughes, whose witness account is now being reviewed by the federal judge, first met Kennedy two-and-a-half years before his death at NBC-TV studios in Burbank, California. In the make-up room being prepared for her role in Morning Star, she said she was 'starstruck' when he entered. He was there to pre-record an interview. 


Dynasty: Edward M Kennedy (centre) poses with brothers U.S. Attorney General Robert F Kennedy (left) and President John F Kennedy at the White House in Washington in 1962 

She said: 'I saw Robert Kennedy and everything else disappeared from view. There was an aura about him that was very captivating. He kind of pulled you in. 'His eyes were very deep set and they were very blue. And when you looked at him, you got very drawn in to him.' She said it was at that point she decided to help Kennedy, who was then a Senator for New York, should he ever decide to run for the top job of President. Kennedy, the most seriously wounded of the six people shot, was gunned down just moments after claiming victory in California's Democratic primary election. He died the next day, while the other victims survived. Although Sirhan's lawyers are calling for his release, Rhodes-Hughes, who was never called to testify at the trial, said he should remain in prison. She said: 'To me, he was absolutely there. I don't feel he should be exonerated. There definitely was another shooter. The constant cover-ups, the constant lies - this has got to stop.' 

CNN: Robert F. Kennedy Witness says second gunman video 

Source; Dailymail.co.uk
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Martin Luther KIng Was Killed By The FBI and J. Edgar Hoove, NOT JAMES EARL RAY

Raoul, i.e. Frank Sturgis was also involved, as the potential handler of J.E. Ray.

As was the tramp we call Frenchy

*Care to elaborate, Miss Kim? Who is this mystery man, Raoul? Is that a codename for the late Frank Sturgis? Or, Is Raoul and Frenchy one and the same?

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Alligator attack - is Disney to blame?
A kid is always having a responsibility
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Alligator attack - is Disney to blame?
No swimming, means no swimming for a reason, right? They will probably sue Disney, because that is the time we live in, but it is their own stupidity if you ask me, just like with the gorilla in the zoo (although that ended quite differently). Where is the intelligence in people nowadays? (Maybe this is my sober, European me speaking here)
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Thane Eugene Cesar Killed RFK

Yes! I've been saying that too.. The tie is also a key for me.

"The same people who were in Dallas & did the JFK hit."  There is so much more that is connected to JFK.

"..and the strange circumstances of their deaths the next day, or the week after they testified before the Warren Commission or the week after they received a subpoena to testify at DA Jim Garrison's trial of CIA assassin Clay Shaw in New Orleans" How about Demohrenschildt dying right around the time of his HSCA hearing?

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Mainline Media

There is also an infamous f&*)k up by Dutch tv on the internet, they wanted to demonize and slant Putin, but did it with very bad editing lol.



From 8 second mark:

Dutch presenter: "The Russian President Putin answered questions in an annual press conference. These questions come from journalists, politicians and civilians"


Russian woman: "If both Porosjenko (Ukraine) and Erdogan (Turkey) would drown, who would you save?" pause, continues:"this question comes from a girl of 12 years old"

Putin:"girl, you bring me in a tough position, if somebody has decided to drown, it is impossible to save them"


Dutch presenter again;"yes, that someone decides to drown... how can you get away with it?" (<- last part was about Putin supposedly saying that, stuff/words like these often get lost in translation) What he says after (right before the cut back to Putin) is not of import and is about another topic entirely.


Then you will see the original clip, with English subs..


This is how Putin is demonized by US, and thus Eu etc..

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Mainline Media

I can't find the german article at the moment, but have another one, when you open in google chrome it translates the page: https://irmaschiffers2014.wordpress.com/2015/12/15/in-gesprek-met-journalist-janneke-monshouwer-ander-nieuws/


If not, maybe i will translate it.. [smile] 

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Mainline Media

Yes, i think that would be very interesting lol. But, those media outlets are also biased, a lot is Pro US, pro EU and Pro Israel, not much critical articles on that..

A while ago i read an article by an ex news anchorwoman or journalist (can't really remember) that she NEEDED to bring pro EU/US/Israel/refugee news, and that order came from her own government. I will try to look it up, it was a while back though..

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Mainline Media
Yes it is, media itself is a propaganda machine
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Mainline Media

Good example from my country: multiple newspapers write the exact same story (word for word) as the other.. That is weird right? Well, it can't be the same, of course most stories are pre-written then send to the media..


I follow twitter, or reddit for my news, or sometimes RT

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Allen Welsh Dulles' Appointment to the Warren Commission
One word: YES, the entire WC was full of people who disliked or even hated JFK, rather objective commission don't you think?
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Who Killed RFK?

Originally broadcast August 4, 1975.

Mae’s guest is Ted Charach. They discuss his film “The Second Gun: Who Really Killed Robert Kennedy?”.
A documentary suggesting the possibility of another gunman involved in the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy.












While admitting to owning a .22, the caliber of pistol used by Sirhan, Cesar claimed that he was not carrying it that evening. Instead, he claimed to be carrying a .38 he had purchased for guard duty. In fact, he said that he had sold the .22 three months before the assassination to an ex-coworker named Jim Yoder, who had retired and moved to Arkansas.

Curiously, this contradicted testimony Cesar had given to the LAPD. At that time, he stated that he had told a police sergeant about his .22 when interviewed following the assassination. He said, “In fact, I don’t remember if I showed it to him but I did mention that I had a gun similar to the one that was used that night.”


Now, this is a curious thing for a Cesar to say. How could it even occur to him to show a gun to an officer that he had sold three months earlier?


In 1972, William Turner and Jonn Christian, the authors of the book The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, were struck by this discrepancy. They paid a visit to Jim Yoder in Arkansas. As luck would have it, Yoder was still in possession of the receipt for the gun. It read, “On the day of Sept. 6, 1968 I received $15.00 from Jim Yolder [sic]. The item involved is a H&R pistol 9 shot serial no. Y 13332. Thane E. Cesar.”


September 6, 1968. Three months after the assassination of Bobby Kennedy.


As strange and inexplicable coincidence and happenstance would have it, the gun in question was not available for testing. Shortly before the arrival of Turner and Christian, Yoder received a call from the LAPD about the pistol he had purchased from Cesar. Shortly after that, his house was burglarized and the pistol was stolen.

Every single witness to the shooting that night placed Sirhan at least three feet in front of Senator Kennedy. There has not been one person who has ever come forward claiming that Sirhan ever got closer. Nor has there ever been a witness to Kennedy turning around far enough for Sirhan to shoot him in the back. Further, the fatal shot entered Kennedy’s head near his right ear from a distance of not more than an inch or two, as evidenced by the powder burns found there.

In other words, there was only one man at the Ambassador Hotel that night who was armed, owned a .22 caliber pistol (despite his claims otherwise) and was in a position to fire the fatal shot that ended Bobby Kennedy’s life. That man was Thane Eugene Cesar.


More can be read here: https://flyingtigercomics.wordpress.com/2014/05/13/ted-charach-thane-eugene-cesar-shot-rfk-maybe-a-third-shooter-too/

*Cheers!, MissKim, thanks (dankjewel) for shedding light upon the evil lurking in the shadows...what a despicable coward shooting an unarmed representative of the People (in the back no less). Whether it's JFK or RFK officialdom has to lie about the actual direction of the shots. Bunch of lying treasonous cowards. Power to the People.

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Mark Lane, 1927 - 2016
Oh.. i am so sad to hear this..
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What About Robert Kennedy?

I didn't mean for you to connect Thane Eugene Cesar and tramp Frenchy to MK ULTRA, you were to google Sirhan Sirhan, Lee Harvey Oswald and MK ULTRA lol.


"but do you recall any report of one Olympic sharpshooting champion trying to do it several times, then succeeding? The sharpshooter was then interviewed afterwards and he stated that it was possible to do, but it took "more" than everything he had"

It is not necessarily the question if it could be done, but could Lee Harvey Oswald do it? He was not a good marksman at all, his brother was though..

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What About Robert Kennedy?

To my memory he said "the only way to the truth is the way to the White House", that speaks volumes on how he was affected, it also says a lot about how high up truth goes.

I think he would have followed his brother's policy, with maybe some min or changes here and there, a Camelot 2.0.

To answer your last question; YES the assassinations were connected, as is the MLK assassination. They have people involved in common:



Left: eyewitness sketch of MLK assassin, right; tramp Frenchy


Concerning RFK; This is the man who really killed him;


And his name is Thane Eugene Cesar.


When you want to understand Sirhan Sirhan and Lee Harvey Oswald, google; MK ULTRA, both were mk ultra patsies.



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Former Presidents,Come Forth!

"but it would take someone like Jefferson to remind us to not to take our liberties for granted"


Though not said by Jefferson, i think this quote is so right (following what you said);


"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Benjamin Franklin



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