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  • What is your favorite music genre?

    Started by Blaze in Music: So out of the many different music genres in the world, which ones are your favorites and why? I really love Video Game music the most, but I also...

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  • Wedding Vows

    Started by Ryan in Humor: Has anyone heard this one before? What we know is often a matter of how we choose to see the world. Consider the story of an active, spry man of 86...

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  • Who Killed RFK?

    Started by MissKim in Sirhan Sirhan: I will be going into detail in the near future as to how and why, but for now i will say who killed RFK: Thane Eugene Cesar. Right before falling...

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  • The Rolling Stones Keep Rolling

    Started by Archie in Music: Some 54 years after their first release, The Rolling Stones are coming out with a new album: ...

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  • Pearly Gates

    Started by Siggy in Humor: I remember hearing this joke back in the 90s when Bill Clinton was in office and it seems appropriate once again. Hillary died and was met at The...

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  • All Time Favorite(s)

    Started by Admin in Movies: As we venture deeper into the holiday season, Does anyone have any favorite holiday movies they'd recommend for others to watch? Personally, my top...

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  • Zoom (s)

    Started by Admin in Zoom(s): In a continuing series relative to An open examination of the only male figure unaccounted for in Warren Commission Exhibit 1381 , and why his...

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  • An American Hero

    Started by Admin in Coffee Shop: Rest in Peace ---

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  • Ethics Question of the Day

    Started by Katie in What Would You Do?: About a month ago I found a painting at a yard sale that sold for ten bucks. I had a hunch about the artist and Googled him when I got home. The...

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  • Favorite Book Genres

    Started by zeus in Literature: What is your favorite genre of book to read? Personally, I enjoy the sci-fi/fantasy genre and got my start reading Edgar Rice Burroughs'...

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