• Favorite Book Genres

    Started by zeus: What is your favorite genre of book to read? Personally, I enjoy the sci-fi/fantasy genre and got my start reading Edgar Rice Burroughs'...

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  • Who is Your Favorite Author?

    Started by oldtimer: Thousands of books are published around the world yearly. Down through the centuries, certain names stand out above the rest in literary genius or...

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  • Writers

    Started by zeus: I'm curious how many people here have published a book on Amazon Kindle Market or other publishing methods. Does Amazon offer the best revenue with...

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  • Left Behind series

    Started by Siggy: I started the Left Behind series a couple weeks ago and I am already seven books into it. It's a very compelling story for anyone who is religious,...

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  • George Magazine

    Started by Olivia: Did any of you get a chance to read George Magazine while it was in existence? JFK Jr. started it in 1995 and it closed down shortly after his death...

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