• Integrity

    by zeus: What is your definition of the word "Integrity"? I've had this pounded into my head for the last 20+ years, but my definition of...

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    Started by zeus

  • What is Man's Highest Aim?

    by oldtimer: Down through the annals of Mankind's existence, We have been drawn toward a Higher Purpose for Our Reason for Being. Some would say that Our Purpose...

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    Started by oldtimer

  • What Is A Good Life?

    by stumped: Everyone wants to have a "good life," but what is a good life? Some believe having lots and lots of money (in excess, of course) makes for...

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    Started by stumped

  • Effect of your everyday thoughts on your results in life.

    by Kilo21: Mass consciousness has shifted a lot in the past ten years with regards to the law of attraction and the power of using our thoughts to create the...

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    Started by Kilo21

  • I seriously love this one

    by MissKim: The possibilities this presents...

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    Started by MissKim

  • Philosophy and its place

    by Elon: Do the musings of philosophers really proof valuable in terms of their contribution to society? It has been said that these streams only exist by way...

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    Started by Elon

  • Henry David Thoreau

    by oldtimer: Henry David Thoreau was an author and philosopher of the Nineteenth Century. In his great work, Walden, he wrote, "Time is but the stream I go...

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    Started by oldtimer

  • The Law Of Attraction

    by Archie: What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it's real? Do you think it's a flight of fancy? Here is a good sight that can explain it better than I...

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    Started by Archie

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