• Lee Harvey Oswald

    Offering the single best clue in this whole case, Lee Harvey Oswald told the whole world, "I'm just a patsy". Who was this man really? Why was none of his multiple interrogations accompanied by audio and video recordings? Why was much of the "evidence" used against him in third person written form? In the only audio and video the world is privy to, in the following video he didn't he know he was even a suspect in killing the president earlier that day until a news reporter asked him about that a few minutes before his *midnight* conference ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctOxFxGfQKE *More footage of Mr. Oswald ----> https://www.wpafilmlibrary.com/exhibit/Lee_Harvey_Oswald

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  • What if Kennedy had been beaten by Nixon?

    Started by MountainMan: These guys seemed to be essentially backs and fronts to each other with polar opposite attitudes so I was thinking how would the world be different...

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  • 1 + 1 = 2

    Started by Admin: For over five decades now, officialdom would have us believe the wrongfully accused managed to fire three total shots upon President Kennedy’s...

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  • Seen or not seen - Secret Service agents on the grassy knoll

    Started by Siggy: Well, it's a fact that they were seen, although they weren't really there. As confusing as that sounds, that's the story. There were no Secret...

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  • The Chicago Plot

    Started by MissKim: What few people know and realize, is that Dallas was not the only "plot" to kill President Kennedy. There were mutiple plots, including;...

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  • Gunsmoke

    Started by Admin: Multiple eyewitnesses directly on scene that tragic day actually heard shots coming from behind the picket-fence to the right front of the...

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