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Reserved for news/announcements relative to notable JFK assassination figures like Buell Wesley Frazier; Marina Oswald-Porter; Robert Oswald, Michael Paine; and/or Ruth Paine
1 0 Mark Lane, 1927 - 2016
by MissKim
Assassinations in America
Killing the Kennedy brothers.
22 5 What About Robert Kennedy?
by adinfinitum
Space reserved for JFK & RFK assassination related material.
17 3 Lee Harvey Oswald's Cold War
by Admin
Coffee Shop
Did you know?, 9/11 , Food & Drink, Humor, Literature, Movies, Music, News, Politics, Sports, Television, Time, Life & Space, Travel, Trump, What Would YOU Do?, White House, Word Association
A place to relax, unwind, and share other interests...
497 105 An American Hero
by Chara
Coming Clean?
More stonewalling tactics in October, 2017? The JFK Records Act...troves of files on JFK's assassination remain secret. Why?
37 2 What do you think we'll find ...
by Siggy
Citizens Against Political Assassinations
Citizens For An Independent Investigation of the JFK Assassination
Join CPA Today ----> "Work to get the JFK records. Petition Congress and the National Archives to see to the enforcement of the JFK Act, hold public hearings on missing and destroyed records and ensure the October 2017 date for release of the last records is met. Sue the government to locate and obtain the release of all assassination records – including the records of the CIA, Secret Service, ONI, NSA and WHCA. and much more..."
0 0 No posts
Prayer Man
An open examination of the only male figure unaccounted for in Warren Commission Exhibit 1381, and why his presence is essential to establishing the truth in the JFK Assassination.
127 8 Richard Bernabei
by Barto
Profiles In Courage Essay Contest
at ----> "Always Do What Is Right, Regardless of Whether It Is Popular" -- John Fitzgerald Kennedy
0 0 No posts
Deep cover secret informant Deep Throat, and the life & times of other key Watergate figures...
11 5 Richard Nixon a Victim of Cir...
by LadyJ

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